Luttrell Shows Marijuana Tax Revenue Boosts Rural Communities

Mike Seals - December 30, 2020 10:59 am


OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Ken Luttrell, R-Ponca City, today commented on the tax receipts from sales of medical marijuana products in Kay and Osage counties for the first 10 months of 2020.

From January to October, the latest figures available from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the medical marijuana tax generated from State Question 788 totaled $771,158.96 in Kay and Osage Counties, and the state and local sales taxes totaled $1,003,926.69. That compares to almost $51.2 million and almost $65 million respectively for the entire state.

“The Legislature continues to fine tune medical marijuana regulations to ensure the safety of consumers and the honesty and integrity of the industry,” Luttrell said. “We also must ensure the dollars are going to education and other sources specified by statute.”

In June of 2018, a majority of Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788, which legalized medical marijuana. Since that time, Luttrell said he’s been tracking the economic impact of the taxes collected from the counties he represents.

A breakdown of taxes collected by city in Kay and Osage Counties shows:


County City/Town SQ788 Tax City/County Tax State Sales Tax Totals
Kay Blackwell $109,804.45 $93,099.81 $74,493.82 $277.398.08
Kay Kaw City $1,447.25 $1,217.85 $1,011.69 $3,676.79
Kay Newkirk $7,309.40 $3,350.50 $7,354.33 $18,014.23
Kay Ponca City $396,296.08 $235,666.69 $270,734.09 $902,696.86
Kay Tonkawa $39,613.56 $30,878.55 $26,304.20 $96,796.31
Totals   $554,470.74 $364,213.40 $379,898.13 $1,298,582.27


Osage Fairfax $2,663.92 $2,273.43 $2,407.15 $7,344.50
Osage Hominy $19,003.81 $17,919.71 $17,215.52 $54.139.04
Osage Pawhuska $42,252.98 $32,770.79 $34,321.93 $109,345.70
Osage Ponca City $94,932.67 $16,345.96 $56,459.44 $167,738.07
Osage Sand Springs $2,581.25 $475.20 $1,710.70 $4,767.15
Osage Skiatook $55,253.59 $39,831.77 $38,083.56 $133,168.92
Totals   $216,688.22 $109,616.86 $150,198.30 $475,503.38




Ken Luttrell serves District 37 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which includes parts of Kay and Osage counties.


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