Lily’s Law Moves to Governor’s Desk

Mike Seals - April 14, 2021 10:59 pm

Oklahoma Senate Education Committee Chairman Adam Pugh (R-Edmond)

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma House of Representatives today gave approval to Lily’s Law to ensure all families can have a say in the disposition of remains of a child who was stillborn or miscarried.

Senate Bill 647, authored by Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, and Rep. Marilyn Stark, R-Bethany, would require birthing centers and other medical facilities to keep a written policy to allow for the family to direct the disposition of the remains of the child.

“In the haze of grief and medical struggles, these families should be made aware that they have the option to decide what happens with their child’s body, regardless of where the family sought medical treatment,” said Stark, who worked as a registered nurse for 15 years. “Miscarriage are a taboo topic, but the struggles these families face should be discussed.  These families should know their options, and I hope that Senate Bill 647 will truly help families through the grieving process.”

Current statute already requires hospitals to abide by this policy; however, many families choose to seek care at birthing centers or other medical facilities. SB647 would require these facilities to follow the same guidelines as hospitals.

If no directive is given by the family within 14 days, the facility may dispose of the remains per their own policy.

Senate Bill 647 was approved by the House 93-0. Having previously passed the Senate, it now moves to the Governor’s desk to be considered.


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