Legislature Allocates $30M for Rural Economic Action Plan

Ponca City Now - March 11, 2024 12:58 pm

Rep. Ken Luttrell

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Legislature this past session appropriated $30 million in funding for the Rural Economic Action Plan; among the recipients, the Indian Council of Governments (INCOG) region has secured a substantial allocation of $2,590,909.08 from the Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations.

Rep. Luttrell, R-Ponca City, said INCOG, a voluntary association of local and tribal governments in the Tulsa metropolitan area of northeast Oklahoma, is pivotal in fostering regional development.

According to INCOG, the funds allocated to the region, bolstered by accrued interest and de-obligated funds, will be distributed across three primary program areas: Transportation, Community/Economic Development, and CDGB/REAP.

The INCOG Board of Directors approved the following REAP projects in House District 37:

  • Town of Fairfax: Repairs to the Fairfax Lake spillway – $45,000
  • Town of Burbank: Booster pump station at water tower – $60,000
  • Town of Shidler: Generators and concrete pads (two) for lift stations – $59,2000
  • City of Pawhuska: Resurfacing of 2,6000 LF of 12th St. – $120,000
  • Osage County District 3: Rebuild/resurface nine mile road – $150,000

“I am thrilled to see significant funds allocated to INCOG through the Rural Economic Action Plan, which will fuel transformation projects across our communities,” Luttrell said. “I commend the INCOG Board of Directors for prioritizing projects based on established criteria, maximizing funds for the district and beyond.”

The projects were ranked according to criteria established by INCOG’s REAP Policy Committee and approved by the INCOH Board of Directors. These criteria include need, fiscal capacity, local effort, regional objectives, and other data based on the projects themselves or derived from census date.



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