Largest Wind Farm Built At Once In North America Now Running In Oklahoma

News 6-Chinh Doan - April 25, 2022 6:24 am

The largest wind farm built at once in North America is now running in OklahomaPublic Service Company of Oklahoma said the hundreds of turbines are part of its efforts to increase renewable energy and save money for its customers.

PSO said the newest wind farm, combined with the two others that recently opened in Central Oklahoma, will save customers about $1 billion over the farms’ 30-year lifetime.

PSO and its parent company, American Electric Power, are taking advantage of Oklahoma’s winds. The North Central Energy Facilities, which are made up of the Sundance, Maverick and Traverse wind farms, are in Central Oklahoma. The latest wind farm, Traverse, which opened last month in Blaine and Custer Counties, has 356 turbines.

“We’ve won over a lot of people on this one,” said Wayne Greene, PSO spokesman. “We’re going to produce an enormous amount of jobs, economic activity and ad valorem tax payments, so we’re making friends out there.”

Greene said some employees who worked at coal plants transitioned to the wind farms. He also said the Traverse Wind Farm produces enough energy to power 440,000 homes a day.

“We’re being good stewards of the earth by producing natural energy that does not pollute in its creation,” said Greene. “At the same time, we’re being good stewards of our customers’ pocketbook quite frankly.”

When News On 6 asked about risks to wildlife, AEP said it follows all laws and works with public and private groups to protect animals both in its location choices and operations.

AEP’s EVP and chief operating officer, Lisa Barton, said these wind farms are critical in flipping the company’s energy mix from 70% fossil fuels to 70% renewable energy by 2031. “We are going to sequentially and consistently move to a clean energy economy by harnessing the power of wind and bringing that benefit to our customers,” said Barton.

PSO said it is Oklahoma energy produced for Oklahoma customers. Through the PSO Wind Choice program, customers can buy up to 100-percent of their power from wind sources.



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