Keep a Close Eye on Children When Around Water; Learn How to Identify Someone Who May Be Drowning

Ponca City Now - July 6, 2023 6:27 am

Watch your kids while they swim. Many kids will drown right in front of their parents, because drowning doesn’t look like what you think it does.
Do YOU know what it looks like?
It’s not what you see on TV. TV dramatizes it to keep you in suspense and make you keep watching.
This is what drowning REALLY looks like:
1) It’s SILENT. No splashes. No screams. They are trying to breathe and can’t make noises.
2) It’s FAST! It takes 20-60 seconds.
3) There is no jumping out of the water or arms flailing around. It happens almost entirely under water.
4) Their head will be arched up, attempting to reach the surface to breathe. They may bob up and down just at the surface for a little while and this can look like doggy paddling/playing.
5) Under the water, they are in a vertical, up and down position and their arms and legs are cycling as if they are trying to climb a ladder.
6) They can’t move forward much, if at all….not enough to get to safety.
7) They can be right next to the wall or an exit and still not be able to reach it…and they will drown inches away from safety.
8 ) They can be in water shallow enough for them to stand in but not realize they can simply stand up, as they are in panic mode.
Learn to spot drowning. You just might save a little life!!
May be an image of 1 person, swimming, body of water and text that says 'This is drowning No sound! Head bobbing just at the surface of the 30 seconds! water Vertical body Arms and legs climbing ladder'

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