Investigators: Deputy’s Personal Gun Tied to 2 Road Rage Incidents

News 9 - July 18, 2023 6:45 am


According to investigators, a personal gun belonging to an Oklahoma County deputy has been linked to two road rage incidents.

The deputy’s girlfriend is now charged with one of the crimes.

According to court filings, Brigette Tyler shot into a woman’s vehicle in June of last year. However, charges were only recently filed following another incident involving the same gun.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma City Police arrested 29-year-old Brigette Tyler. A woman who did not want to be identified told News 9 Tyler began shooting at her vehicle following a road rage incident in 2022.

“I was more just relieved that they did finally catch her,” said the woman.

According to court filings, in June 2022, Oklahoma City Police were called to investigate the road rage incident near Northeast 13th and Walnut. There, the woman who asked not to be identified told police an unknown driver shot at her twice.

“The bullet could have easily went to my side of the car, or hit my windshield, and I could have crashed into something,” said the woman.

According to an affidavit the victim showed officers where a bullet hit her car.

Then, nine months later, on March 5, Midwest City Police responded near I-40 and Southeast 29th to investigate another road rage incident.

According to the court filings, a victim reported “she was being followed by a subject who was pointing a firearm at her.”

Court records show police confronted suspect Tyler at the scene. She was “ticketed and released.” But after officers also seized her gun, filings reveal Tyler’s boyfriend, an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy contacted police and told them “the gun they recovered was his firearm.”

According to an affidavit, a ballistics test later connected the deputy’s personal gun to a shell casing recovered from the 2022 road rage shooting in Oklahoma City.

“Playing with someone’s life and with a gun is not acceptable. You are putting everyone in a very dangerous predicament,” said the woman.

Records also show Tyler is a two-time felon who’s been living with her boyfriend. By law, she is not allowed to be around or in possession of any firearms.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office told News 9 they are looking into this situation.


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