Imprisoned White Supremacist Leader Accused of Orchestrating Murders

News 9 - March 9, 2023 6:40 am


A third person is now behind bars for the murder of a man who disappeared in 2021.

New court filings reveal a federal inmate told investigators the victim was burned on a Logan County property that was first raided the same year. The documents also contain disturbing new details and a motive.

Jason Cornett, his wife, and now his nephew are all charged in connection to the murder of David Orr, all arrested over the past week.

Filings now reveal a recognized white supremacist gang leader is accused of ordering the hit from behind bars.

Deputies approached Jason Cornett and arrested him while he was parked outside an Oklahoma County business.

Cornett then called his wife Elizabeth to retrieve his car, but when Elizabeth arrived, she was arrested too.

Five days later, Cornett’s 18-year-old nephew, Jordan Treaster, was also arrested.

According to court filings, as part of a plea agreement, in Nov. 2021, a federal inmate told investigators David Orr was living with the trio at a trailer home in McLoud when Jason Cornett shot and killed him. He said Orr’s body was burned in “a steel box in the backyard that they used to burn bodies in.”

The inmate alleged Cornett was instructed by his uncle, Mikell Smith AKA “Bulldog,” who owned the home, to “to take care of the debt” Orr owed him. According to court filings,

Smith allegedly then ordered Cornett to move the steel box to a Logan County property that was later raided by state, federal, and county investigators.

According to the federal inmate, Smith also ordered Cornett to kill a Missouri resident who was running drugs for him and was reported missing in 2019.

Smith is serving multiple life sentences for three murders. In 1989, the Department of Corrections dubbed him “the most dangerous man in the penitentiary.”


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