‘I Take it Very Personally’: Possible Chemical Attack Leaves Farmer’s Crops Useless

KOKH - June 15, 2023 5:20 pm

Michael Ruzycki with Ruzycki Farms says he believes this could cost him his business. (KOKH)

A farmer in Jones says someone destroyed over two acres of his crops overnight.

Michael Ruzycki with Ruzycki Farms tells Fox 25 he believes this could cost him his business.

“My spirits are crushed,” Ruzycki said.

Ruzycki says most of his farm looks like it’s been under a chemical attack.

“I’m devastated right now because of everything I’ve worked for the last several months. 16-20 hours days. I’ve given up everything. I’ve given up all my freedoms for this farm.”

All of his sacrifices vanished overnight after Ruzycki says he believes someone sprayed something on his crops.

“Messing with me is one thing. Messing with my customers who happen to be my friends, I take it very personally. It’s more than wrong. It’s disgraceful.”

His farm feeds more than 100 families every week, but now just about every crop on his property is curled up and dying, if not already dead.

'I take it very personally': Possible chemical attack leaves farmer's crops useless photo 8

“I feel like I could’ve lost the trust of my customers for the future. So whether I can salvage this season, I’m just not certain on my position as a farmer. My career choice is going to be in question at this point.”

Ruzycki says what happened could cost him anywhere from $80,000-$100,000 of business.

“I’ll never give up. We’re just going to do with the farm what we can right now at this point, and try to make it better from this point on.”

Ruzycki says he could use some help picking up crops. You can call the number on his Facebook page if you want to get involved. Ruzycki confirms a GoFundMe will be made at a later date.



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