Humphrey Comments on COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine

Mike Seals - August 16, 2020 11:46 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Justin Humphrey, R-Lane, released the following on Friday regarding the nation’s COVID-19 response and the use of Hydroxycholorquine:

I became a State Representative because I love our state and the incredible people of Oklahoma.

I have tremendous appreciation for our nation, which is the symbol of freedom throughout the world. Because of my passion for our country and state, I refuse to remain silent while the very foundation of our freedoms are being attacked and destroyed.

Our nation’s response to COVID-19 should produce fear in every person who stands for freedom, liberty and the United States.

First, we must establish that China developed this virus. It was designed to infect overweight, diabetic, elderly people who have low immune systems. Where are the majority of overweight diabetic people found? That would be America!

China knew about the outbreak of this virus and closed travel in their own country but continued to allow travel to the United States and the world. China begin buying up all personal protective equipment such as ventilators. When the virus was widespread, China made huge profits by infecting the world and selling protective and medical equipment. Let me run down all the facts that China has executed a biological and economic attack on our nation.

It is critical that we address China for their war-like aggression, but we also must address the equally the illogical domestic response to this virus. Allow me to explain how our response has been irrational. A rational response would require that we compare COVID numbers and statistics to other similar viruses that have occurred in the U.S. for instance, like tuberculosis and the H1N1 flu.

These viruses reveal much higher infections rates and higher fatalities, but we had no shutdowns, no masks or no massive quarantine. It seems very irrational to destroy our economy, increase civil unrest, increase suicides, increase drug abuse including drug overdoses, increase domestic abuse and destroy our nation’s food chains for a virus with a 98% survival rate.

It is even more unreasonable to close churches but declare abortion clinics essential, close schools but allow riots, and allow one business to remain open serving thousands wile demanding small businesses close. However, absolutely the most insane response has been denying doctors and patients the right to treat COVID with Hydroxychloroquine.

Why are most of the media and Facebook shutting down reports and trying to shame doctors and patients for speaking verified truth. This is called censorship, and it is a deliberate violation of our First Amendment rights. How insane is that?

Finally I want to share my personal knowledge of Hydroxychloroquine. Sometime ago, I was having extreme trouble breathing. My chest hurt, and I struggled for every breath. I called doctors who all reported they would not test and would not treat. Each doctor’s office referred me to the state Health Department. In the course of performing my job, I have been advised the Health Department is 35% inaccurate or just plain wrong in their testing.

I would not go to the Health Department with those poor testing results. Plus, they do not treat COVID. In addition, I did not want to subject my family and friends to demands of forced house arrest by the Health Department.

Instead, I found a very courageous doctor who is willing to risk her medical career to save lives. After days of suffering, I took Hydroxychloroquine along with a regiment of other medications. Within two and a half hours I was unbelievably better.

My doctor demanded I lose weight and drop my blood sugar to continue treatment. I must add I am a cancer survivor, diabetic, overweight and have breathing issues. That means I am the 2% that dies from this virus. I am proud to say I lost over 30 pounds and significantly dropped my blood sugar. I am grateful for my doctor who I credit for saving my life.

In closing, I am encouraging Oklahoma doctors to take courage and begin treating COVID with Hydroxychloroquine. I am asking Oklahomans to demand our state allow the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID. Let’s stop the fear, learn the facts and restore Oklahoma. God bless you, your family, Oklahoma and our magnificent Nation.”          

Justin (JJ) Humphrey represents Oklahoma House District 19. He can be reached at (405) 557-7382 or [email protected].


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