Housing Code Ordinance Passes

Ponca City Now - September 17, 2013 6:54 am

Blackwell has been debating code enforcement.

At last nights meeting the city council voted to pass ordinance 2809, which stemmed from ordinance 2808.

2809 strictly deals with rental properties that are not owner occupied.

2809 also doesn’t include inspection fees like 2808 did.

Mayor Mark Cordell said the new ordinance gives landlords an avenue to grieve any violations.

“If they feel like what they were being cited for is over and above and beyond true health and safety issues then they can come to council and grieve it," Cordell said. "Then council would decide whether or not to overturn what was decided by the building inspector.”

This law was voted as an emergency, so it is effective immediately.

Cordell said this is an effort to have healthier living conditions and to improve the image of Blackwell.


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