Ponca City Now - April 23, 2024 5:59 am

Are you wondering how to safely dispose of the poisons, antifreeze or chemicals you cleaned out during the Spring Clean-Up? The City of Ponca City, in partnership with Phillips 66, is preparing for the upcoming bi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection event on Saturday, April 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It will be held in the Phillips 66 parking lot at Oak Street and South Avenue. Please enter from the Oak Street entrance.
Families can generate as much as 100 pounds of hazardous waste each year. The public is encouraged to dispose of these items to help protect our environment and make our community safer. Commercial disposal will not be allowed.
All expired and unwanted prescriptions and over-the-counter medications will be accepted. However, hypodermic needles, medical waste, or inhalers will NOT be accepted. Bring you old TVs, computers, and computer equipment to the collection event. They will be safely recycled and put to good use.
Cleaning Products
• Oven cleaners
• Wood/metal cleaner/polish
• Toilet cleaner
• Bathroom cleaners
• Bleach (laundry)
• Pool chemicals
• Drain cleaner
Automotive Products
• Motor oil
(in disposable container)
• Fuel additive
• Carburetor cleaner
• AC refrigerants
• Starter fluid
• Auto batteries
• Transmission fluid
• Brake fluid
• Antifreeze Lawn & Garden Products
• Herbicides & Pesticides
• Insecticides
• Fungicides
Indoor Pesticides
• Ant spray/bait
• Roach spray/ bait
• Flea repellent & shampoo
• Bug spray
• Houseplant insecticide
• Moth repellents
• Mouse/rat poison/bait
Flammable Products
• Kerosene
• Home heating oil
• Diesel fuel
• Lighter fluid
• Gas/oil mix Workshop/Paint Supplies
• Wood preservatives
• Adhesives/glues
• Furniture stripper
• Oil/enamel paint
• Stains and finishes
• Paint thinner/turpentine
• Paint stripper/remover
• Photographic chemicals
• Fixatives and solvents
• Driveway sealer
• Rechargeable batteries
• Ammunition
• Medications
• Electronics/TVs/PCs
• Medical Waste
• Radioactive Materials
• Compressed Gas Cylinders
• Commercial Waste
• Tires
• Any containers over 5 gallons
• Explosives
• Hypodermic Needles
• Dynamite
• Kitchen Appliances
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