House Passes Resolution Condemning Violence Against AAPI Community

Mike Seals - March 30, 2021 9:41 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY — A resolution condemning violence and hateful rhetoric against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders was unanimously adopted by the House on Tuesday.

House Resolution 1015, authored by Rep. Cyndi Munson, D-OKC, acknowledged the history of racism against AAPI community members, including the recent attacks in Georgia. Additionally, the document condemned the rhetoric that often proceeds hate crimes. As the resolution points out, examples of this rhetoric have increased since the COVID pandemic began.

“This resolution is important to all of us but especially children who are growing up right now,” Munson said. “As a governing body, we are taking a stand against those who wish to disparage or harm Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. With this resolution, we are telling the AAPI community—especially our AAPI children—that they are seen, valued, loved, and that nobody has a right to take away their safety or self-worth.”

Munson is the first Asian American woman elected to the Oklahoma Legislature. Rep. Daniel Pae, R-Lawton, joined Munson as a co-author on the resolution.

“The heartbreaking shootings in Atlanta reflect a long list of violent crimes and discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community since the COVID-19 pandemic began one year ago,” Pae said. “Incendiary rhetoric, xenophobic resentment, and scapegoating have led us to today.

“We must acknowledge and condemn racist rhetoric and actions. We can’t become desensitized to tragedies like what happened in Atlanta, nor should we give in to us-versus-them factionalism. We need to listen and learn from one another because more empathy leads to a better society.”

Rep. Andy Fugate, one of three Asian Americans serving in the Oklahoma House, echoed his fellow representatives’ sentiment toward the resolution.

“I’m proud to stand as an Asian American with all my colleagues in the House against hate and violence,” Fugate said. “We cannot be top ten until we learn to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.”

The resolution received praise from outside of the Capitol as well.

“I feel that passing this resolution is a step in the right direction for us,” said Thuan H. Nguyen, the president of the Asian District Cultural Association. “I hope with this resolution we all can rise together and stand as one.”


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