House Passes Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act

Mike Seals - March 4, 2021 11:21 pm


OKLAHOMA CITY – Concerns over data privacy and data manipulation led to the Oklahoma House of Representatives passing one of the first opt-in data privacy bills in the country today with a bipartisan vote of 85 to 11.

The Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act, House Bill 1602, requires internet technology companies to obtain explicit permission to collect and sell personal data. The legislation is authored by Rep. Josh West, R-Grove, and Rep. Collin Walke, D-OKC.

More than forty representatives and senators signed onto the legislation. West and Walke filed The Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act to give citizens more control over their privacy.

“It’s time for Oklahomans to have the ultimate say in how their personal data is used,” West said. “For too long we’ve allowed big tech to mine our information, sell it at their profit and then use it to manipulate our marketing choices and worse. Today, we step closer to taking back our rights.”

The legislation has hit many roadblocks from stakeholders in the data collection industry.

“In spite of big tech’s opposition to this bill, including flat-out lies, the House has heard our constituents’ concerns, and we have acted,” Walke said. “This bill will stop the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and data brokerage companies from collecting or selling your information – including foreign governments – without your consent.”

HB1602 is now eligible to be heard in the Oklahoma Senate.


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