House Passes Bill to Create Anti-Trafficking Task Force

Mike Seals - March 3, 2021 10:34 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma House of Representatives today approved legislation to create a 12-member task force to study and prevent human trafficking and child exploitation in the state of Oklahoma. The task force would include several law enforcement groups, as well as the Dept. of Human Services, the State Dept. of Health and Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

House Bill 1892 was authored by Rep. Jeff Boatman, R-Tulsa. The bill would create the Advisory Task Force on Prevention of Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation. The task force would study human trafficking, prostitution and child exploitation in Oklahoma and make recommendations to the Legislature on methods and laws to slow or stop prostitution, human trafficking and child exploitation.

“It is well past time to create a task force to address human trafficking in our state, and we’re eager to get this on the ground running,” Boatman said. “The data and suggestions from this task force is going to help create meaningful legislation in the future to help stop the abhorrent practice of human trafficking.”

Under HB1892, the task force would help develop methods to assist in identifying and interrupting websites that promote pornography and sexually explicit materials, as well as develop methods to support community groups working with victims of human trafficking, prostitution or child exploitation. The bill also outlines who may appoint a member to the task force.

HB1892 passed the House 94-0 and may now be considered in the Senate, where Sen. Darrell Weaver, R-Moore, is the author.


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