House Democrats Announce Oklahoma Focused Agenda

Mike Seals - February 22, 2021 10:29 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma House Democrats today revealed their legislative agenda for the 58th Legislative Session.

The Oklahoma Focused Agenda is a series of policies the caucus has put together after speaking to Oklahomans across the state about the need for policymakers to refocus their efforts on Oklahoma citizens.

“This agenda is a commitment,” said House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman. “Across the state, citizens are wondering when their government is going to stop pandering to outside interests, DC talking points, and presidential politics and start advocating for Oklahoma Focused policies.”

The Oklahoma Focused Agenda covers a wide array of topics and is divided into four different subgroups: criminal justice reform, economy, education, and health care. The caucus plans to release social media videos from each group to explain recommended legislation.

“The policies we have put forward are not ideological milestones,” said Caucus Chair Cyndi Munson, D-OKC. “They are tangible ways we can make our state better and increase the quality of life abroad.”

Democrats know that their minority position in the Legislature makes accomplishing some of the policies a longshot.

“I think all of my colleagues, even those on the opposite side of the aisle, came to this job to do some good in the lives of Oklahomans,” said Caucus Vice-Chair Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa. “The problem is that it’s not happening. We see it every year when the budget is being negotiated. Instead of shooting for the stars, we limit the steps we can take and shoot for what will get us out of the building fastest.

“The Oklahoma Focused Agenda is an alternative. We can either continue to reject the needs of our people or we can come together and build Oklahoma Focused solutions.”

To learn more about the Oklahoma Focused Agenda, please visit


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