Historic postcard donated to Chamber of Commerce

Team Radio Marketing Group - November 13, 2017 10:20 am

Several years ago the Oklahoma State Capitol hung historic postcards of Oklahoma on the ground floor of the Capitol.  In order to do this they solicited legislators to sponsor a postcard.  Jari Askins, former Lt. Governor, sponsored the Pioneer Woman postcard.

With the new renovations taking place at the capitol they are removing these postcards. Since then, and because of the Capitol renovations, the sponsors have been asked what they wish to do with their postcards.

Askins contacted Sen. Eddie Fields and asked what he suggested for a good spot in Ponca City for this postcard, and he called Rich Cantillon.  The postcard will hang in the visitor center at the Chamber of Commerce.

This past Friday, Askins presented the postcard to the Chamber.  Accepting the postcard are Adam Leaming, Tiffany Hermann, Austin Unruh, Rich Cantillon, Louise Abercrombie, Johnny O’Hare, David Myers and Lana Jones, with Jari Askins.


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