High Winds Damaged 5 Acres in Tuttle Tuesday

News 9 - August 9, 2023 6:23 am

A line of thunderstorms left behind a path of damage in Tuttle early Tuesday morning, leaving damage in a five acre area there.

One of the hardest hit properties is the home of Jayden Ferrell, who said his neighbors mobile home blew into his yard.

“You can’t really put this into words, it just speaks for itself.” he said. “You really can’t even tell what it is anymore.”

17-year-old Jayden was awake when it happened around 4:30 am.

“I didn’t really hear the wind I felt it. It felt like a little boom,” he said.

He also said it seemed like all it took was one gust of wind to change his neighbors lives.

“Craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. “One gust of wind threw an entire mobile home over a car, pushed it back and into our property.”

Luckily, his neighbors weren’t home and everyone else affected is accounted for.

“There were no injuries, there were no fatalities,” said Tuttle emergency manager Mike Fay.

He said the damage wasn’t widespread, but it still hit hard.

“It’s about a five-acre area of damages,” said Fay. “We’re glad it was as small as it was, however we feel for the folks who have lost.”

He said people were gathering to help as soon as word got out.

“That’s the thing about the city of Tuttle, everyone always seems to come together in situations like this,” he said.

Community support is exactly what Jayden and his neighbors need.

“We all work together, we all have each other’s backs,” said Jayden. “We’re all going to work together on cleaning this up and do the best we can.”

Emergency management says power is already back on in the area and recovery efforts are well underway.



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