Healthcare Employee Arrested for Bringing Contraband into Oklahoma County Jail

Beverly Cantrell - October 19, 2021 7:38 am

More contraband was caught on its way into the Oklahoma County Jail over the weekend.

This time it was a Turnkey Health employee who was working in the jail bringing inmates their medicine who was arrested.

Tkeyah Wallace was arrested, accused of smuggling in contraband into the Oklahoma County Detention Center. (Courtesy: OCDC)

Investigators say Tkeyah Wallace was caught on camera leaving her medication cart while inmates would walk up and take something out of its trash bin.

When jail investigators searched Wallace, they say they found potato chip bags resealed with more than a dozen bundles of contraband inside them.

They say they found phones, meth and fentanyl amongst other things.

“There are lots of different ways people can bring it in, so you have to be very vigilant, you have to watch very closely,” said Mark Opgrande, a spokesperson for the jail. “When you get tips like that, you act on it.“

Wallace faces several charges and ended up being booked into jail.

Contraband found inside the Oklahoma County Detention Center. (Courtesy: OCDC) 

Also back in custody, Friday night was Nicholas Leach.

Leach escaped the jail using a gate clicker he took from a detention officer’s belt and took one of the officer’s cars last Wednesday.

Leach was working on outdoor maintenance as a part of an inmate trustee program.

The car was recovered Monday, and the jail says both detention officers involved have resigned.

The jail says it’s working on several changes to protocol.

“The detention officer having a gate clicker,” said Opgrande. “Those can only be checked out now. In the past, it was standard that the guys who worked down there would use them because they would go back and forth. Now, you have to go and get them from a locked area and then use them. That way there is no access for any inmates.”

Despite having some leave, the jail says it is now up to having 350 employees, the most it has had in several months.


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