Grandmother Poisoned, Punched, Strangled by Granddaughter and Her Boyfriend

News 9 - February 22, 2023 7:05 am


Two teens were arrested after they were accused of strangling, punching and poisoning an elderly woman.

Police identified the alleged attackers as the victim’s 18-year-old granddaughter, and the teenager’s boyfriend.

According to police reports the grandmother was riding in a car last week with her granddaughter and her granddaughter’s boyfriend, when the 80-year-old saw a rope come over her head.

“He caught her off guard with one of these, tried to grab her,” said Antonio Mojica.

Antonio Mojica said the elderly woman believes his brother, just 17, tried to kill her near North Rockwell and Melrose Lane.

“It was shocking, it was disturbing,” said Mojica.

Mojica said his brother’s girlfriend Madison Barnett was driving with her grandmother in the passenger seat. His brother was seated behind the victim.

“He had used a piece of rope that was about this big,” said Mojica.

According to a police report the juvenile attempted to strangle the victim from behind, but was unsuccessful.

“She had bit Madison, so she was able to break free a couple times,” said Mojica.

Panicked, police said the couple ran to Mojica’s apartment.

Barnett’s grandmother called 911.

“They fled from the vehicle on foot to a drainage ditch in that area ,” said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk.

A police report showed once in custody, the male juvenile told officers, “he would beat their [expletive] to the ground, kill them, and slit their throats.”

Mojica said before Barnett was arrested he spoke to her.

“As a former convict I told her hey, these aren’t things you want to play around with,” said Mojica.

He said only then did Barnett confirm her grandmother’s suspicions, according to an affidavit- the two poisoned her grandmother previously.

“When she looked in the drink she could see half dissolved pills in her drink floating still,” said Mojica.

Court filings revealed Barnett also told police her boyfriend “used her neck to test three different ways to strangle the victim,” and that they “discussed where to dispose of her body.”

“I knew it was both of them, it took two to plot,” said Mojica.

According to Mojica, the teens were upset they could not spend more time together and were angry that the victim did not give in to their demands.


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