Grand jury looking for NCAA violations by OSU basketball players

The Associated Press and The Tulsa World - October 12, 2017 8:55 am

Oklahoma State University must turn over any documents regarding “actual or potential NCAA rules violations” by players or coaches for the men’s basketball team to a grand jury as part of a subpoena issued to the university two weeks ago.

The subpoena, which is dated Sept. 27 and is signed by Joon H. Kim, acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, asks for the production of documents dating back to Jan. 1, 2014. first reported the news of the subpoena Wednesday morning.

The subpoena, which the Tulsa World attained via an open records request, comes after an FBI investigation into bribery and corruption in college basketball that led to the arrest and charge of former Oklahoma State associate head coach Lamont Evans, as well as assistant coaches at Arizona, Auburn and Southern California.

Oklahoma State is told to turn over documents dating back to January 2014 — more than two years before Evans was hired by the university in early 2016. Oklahoma State must turn over all records to an FBI special agent by Oct. 17 or must appear in person in New York to testify and provide the evidence in person that day.

The records demanded in the subpoena include:

• Personnel file for Evans;

• All NCAA certification forms, including drafts, and including student athlete statements, for Evans and all current members of the OSU men’s basketball team;

• All communications with respect to the certification forms above;

• All documents and communications pertaining to financial aid, including scholarships, for all current members of the men’s basketball team;

• Any and all documents and communications regarding actual or potential NCAA rules violations relating to the receipt of money, travel, in-kind benefits, or services by players and coaches for the OSU men’s basketball team, including but not limited to communications between OSU employees or officers, communications with the NCAA and non-privileged material from any NCAA or internal investigations;

• All communications between members of the coaching and athletic department staffs of the men’s basketball team and Christian Dawkins, Martin Blazer and Munish Sood;

• All communications between members of the coaching and athletic department staffs of the men’s basketball team and any parent of any current member of the men’s basketball team.

The grand jury’s request for documents is vast.

It applies to “any responsive documents wherever they may be found, including any of personal electronic devices including any cellular phone or other telephone, pager, tablet, laptop computer, desktop computer, personal email, cloud storage, messaging or social media accounts used by employees, officers, principals, or board members of Oklahoma State University to conduct Oklahoma State University business.” It also asks for any and all handwritten notes in possession of any employee, officers, principals or board members of the university.

“Failure to attend and produce any items hereby demanded will constitute contempt of court and will subject you to civil sanctions and criminal penalties, in addition to other penalties of the Law,” the subpoena states.


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