Governor Stitt holds video conference with Legislature

Bill Coleman - March 19, 2020 3:32 pm

By: Senator Bill Coleman

I was able to participate in a video conference with Governor Stitt and members of the Oklahoma Senate & House this afternoon.   Some of the key points the Governor made during the conference call.

Oklahoma State Income Tax returns will be due April 15th, HOWEVER any monies due the State will be due July 15th with no interest or penalty.

The one week waiting period to receive unemployment compensation has been waived for new filers.

There are 68 centers ready to be set up in one day for testing, however they will not be set up until the supply of testing agent is satisfactory.

If you need help, look at

Work from home is still encouraged, especially because of child care volume increasing due to school being out

The supply chain is intact on food and other items, hoarding is being discouraged.

I will continue to inform as new information becomes available, in the meantime thank you for living up to the Oklahoma Standard.

Bill Coleman


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