Governor Signs Odell’s Law, Removing Requirement for Businesses to Check IDs before Serving Alcohol

Ponca City Now - May 3, 2024 5:57 am

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation removing the requirement for businesses to check IDs before serving alcohol has been signed into law by the governor.

Rep. Robert Manger, R-Oklahoma City, authored House Bill 3571 to allow businesses to use their discretion on whether or not to check IDs while ensuring businesses are still held responsible if they serve alcohol to minors.

“I authored House Bill 3571 after a friend of mine, who recently turned 90, was denied a beer because he didn’t have his ID,” Manger said. “Odell’s Law would remove the cumbersome requirement to check somebody’s ID before selling them alcohol, allowing people over the legal drinking age to purchase alcohol even if they’ve forgotten their ID or don’t wish to show it. HB3571 does not prohibit a company policy that requires ID verification. This is common sense legislation.”

HB3571 was carried in the Senate by Sen. Darrell Weaver, R-Moore.

“I appreciate the governor for signing this common sense legislation that allows businesses to use their discretion regarding ID checks while maintaining responsibility for preventing underage alcohol sales,” Weaver said. “This bill not only streamlines operations but also ensures that Oklahomans who are clearly of legal drinking age are not unnecessarily inconvenienced. It was a pleasure to work with Representative Manger on this practical policy that reflects our state’s pro-business values for citizens and establishments alike.”

Odell’s Law will take effect on November 1.


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