News 9 - January 25, 2024 6:59 am


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and the state’s AI task force is looking for ways to make it work for Oklahoma. Governor Kevin Stitt said AI could one day replace some government positions.

One cyber security expert said AI can help reduce the number of jobs needed for specific tasks. However, he said AI requires knowledge and oversight to work the right way. Jonathan Kimmitt helps organizations mitigate risks related to cyber security.

“AI over the last couple of years has been on the forefront of many of our customers’ minds,” said Kimmitt, chief information security officer for Alias Cybersecurity.

Kimmitt is learning how AI can impact his clients. “Understand how they’re used and put protections in place for them,” Kimmitt said.

Communities are working to understand artificial intelligence, and its benefits and risks. “It’s a computer program that looks at trends,” Kimmitt said. “It looks at data and tries to anticipate the correct answer on the other side.”

Stitt released his final recommendations from his task force on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Stitt said in a statement he would like to reduce Oklahoma’s government jobs from 21 percent to 13 percent – saying in part, “Artificial intelligence creates possibilities for more efficient employment and government services.”

The governor’s AI task force recommended the following.

  1. Create leadership positions within the state, such as establishing a chief artificial intelligence officer.
  2. Establish an AI oversight committee that incorporates all three branches of government.
  3. Establish an AI technology economic development task force to leverage Oklahoma’s AI infrastructure.
  4. Establish an AI digital workforce task force to encourage the existing workforce to incorporate more digital employees.
  5. Establish an AI technology talent task force to recruit more technologically skilled individuals to Oklahoma.

Kimmitt said AI carries risks. “Sometimes you have to be careful what you get out of it,” Kimmitt said. “Sometimes what it creates may not be accurate.”

Kimmitt said personal information and AI can cause privacy issues. “Because that might now become public information,” Kimmitt said.

AI produces efficiency but Kimmitt said AI still requires oversight from people. “There may be fewer jobs in the future because people are becoming more efficient at any one job,” Kimmitt said. “They can use the tool and be successful at it and still mitigate some of the risks.”


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