Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Son Escorted by OHP Back to Stillwater Following Incident Involving Guns and Alcohol

KOKH - November 21, 2022 7:00 am

Governor Stitt and son John

The son of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt was involved in an incident with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office after deputies responded to Guthrie Haunts on Halloween.

According to an incident report from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, a Deputy said they found a hard case of firearms in the parking lot of the business. According to the report, the box contained two rifles, two pistols, several magazines, and ammunition.

Deputies said Stitt’s 20-year-old son John then walked up to them and told them that the box belonged to him, and that he was the Governor’s son. According to the report, Stitt’s son admitted to deputies he was intoxicated on alcohol and that one of the firearms belonged to the Governor.

Deputies said Stitt’s son claimed the box had been removed by an unknown person because he left the vehicle unlocked. Another person interviewed by Deputies told them that the box had been left in the bed of the pick-up truck.

Deputies said they asked Stitt’s son to call his father and ask him to come and get the firearms since he was “clearly intoxicated and underage.”

Deputies said they were able to speak to his mom and advise her of the situation, and she told them that a Trooper was on the way.

According to the incident report, deputies smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages emitting from the vehicle.

According to an incident report, there were four other occupants in the car. Deputies said that they were told that the box of firearms did not fit with all of the passengers so Stitt’s son had it placed into the bed and was supposed to move it to the backseat of the vehicle when they parked.

Deputies said someone told them at one point they had returned to the vehicle and went back into the haunt to get food, and that they might have left it unlocked.

When deputies returned to the sheriff’s office and did an inventory, they said there was a 30 pack case of Natural Light and 29 unopened Naturday cans, as well as a Twisted Tea box.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper was called to the scene to retrieve the firearms. The deputy reported they allowed one person to drive the truck because she did not appear intoxicated.

According to the incident report, the trooper put the firearms back in the truck and advised they would be following the truck back to Stillwater.

Neither Stitt’s son nor anyone else involved was arrested or has been charged with any crime.


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