News 9 - October 2, 2023 6:27 am

Two men are facing multiple charges after a man says they kidnapped him and tried to make him cash a thousand-dollar check.

A man showed up to Armstrong Bank on Main Street telling a bank teller he needs help. He said the people outside were in his car, they were holding him hostage, and that he’d been in the trunk today for an hour.

Norman Police said this all started in a small town called Wanette.

“He saw one suspect Kendrick Michael on the side of the roadway. It looked like he needed assistance,” Sarah Schettler said. The victim pulled over to help. “It was at that point that he kind of took control of the situation the suspect did,” Schettler said.

Court documents said the victim was put in the trunk of his own car. They picked up Nathan Julian and tried multiple times to cash a thousand-dollar check at multiple places before the victim could ask for help.

“When officers began to approach those individuals got nervous and put the vehicle into reverse,” Schettler said.

The two men sped out of the bank parking lot towards a neighborhood weaving in and out of traffic, “They attempt a TVI and are unable to do it just because of the nature of the roadway,” Schettler said.

Kendrick and Michael ended the pursuit in a parking lot. Officers quickly arrested both suspects.

Both are behind bars at the Cleveland County Detention Center facing kidnapping and drug charges.


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