Future Of Veterinarian Care Uncertain As Many Begin To Retire

News 9 - May 26, 2022 9:02 pm

There’s a looming crisis when it comes to healthcare for our pets.

Research predicts that 75 million pets could be left without medical care by 2030 and that’s if the number of vet providers does not increase soon.

There are 12 and a half jobs available for every vet and mixing this with pandemic burnout, an increase in vet visits and retirements is causing concern in this community.

A study showed that while the number of vets joining the field has increased, those retiring are even greater.

The OSU Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Carlos Risco, says they’re seeing this same issue as well their applicants are increasing along with the other 33 vet schools in the country.

While you might go into the practice thinking you are only taking care of pets, there are really a lot of different jobs that need to be filled.

They say there are two main objectives to help with the societal need for that human-pet connection while also working on food security.

“The United States continues to lead the world in the most economical wholesome source of food animal protein. Veterinarians are at the forefront of that,” said Risco.

So, OSU is working on taking those concerns and introducing students to real-world needs. If a student is interested in rural community care, which already sees a shortage, the school will set them up to work with a rural vet.

“Partnering them with the hope that will increase the pipeline of graduate that will increase graduates that go to rural medicine,” said Risco.

While OSU is working on combating this issue, so are other agencies. One is trying to raise $25 million for student debt relief along with focusing on diversity and inclusion and expanding these veterinary colleges even more.



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