News 9 - November 30, 2023 6:14 am

An Oklahoma mother and daughter were found dead after a house fire early Wednesday morning. How their community is mourning their loss.

The tiny community of Red Rock mourns the loss of a mother and her daughter- killed in an early morning fire. Frontier School leaders broke the news to students today. School leadership helped students process this loss.

“It affected all of us,” On Wednesday, quiet air comforted the walls of Frontier Public Schools. Superintendent Erron Kauk struggles to find the words.

“It’s tough; they’re family,” Kauk said. “There’s no good reason or no good answer for how much it does hurt.”

Nothing can explain the pain of a student’s death. “Her classmates really loved her, and she was a great student in the classroom,” Kauk said.

This student was nine years old. “Wonderful young lady,” Kauk said. “Very quiet; kinda shy, but always showed up with a smile on her face.”

Smoke simmered into the air from an early morning fire in a quiet Red Rock neighborhood. Lisa Ross sat powerless as she watched firefighters extinguish the flames. “Heartbreak. I mean — I feel bad for the family,” Ross said. “Kind of makes you appreciate life a little bit more and makes you hold your kids a little bit closer.”

The Noble County Sheriff’s Office said a space heater may have led to a fire that killed this young girl and her mother. Inside this small school at Frontier — teachers grow up with these children. “We watch them grow from the time they’re in pre-k to the time they graduate,” Kauk said. “So, you build a very strong relationship with all of the children that we have in our building.”

Other schools have offered support and councilors are here to listen. “We all help each other,” Kauk said. “There’s always help here for them and that we love them.”

As the sun sinks over the horizon – only time will help this community heal from their loss. “We’ll get through this together,” Kauk said.

Counselors will be available at Frontier Public Schools for as long as students need them. School staff said they are not releasing the student’s name out of respect for the family.

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