Former OSU Player Shares His Experience

Ponca City Now - September 13, 2013 11:03 am

Not only did he play football at Ponca City High School, he also played at Oklahoma State University.

So, as you can assume Sports Illustrated’s expose on OSU’s program has sparked some emotion in Justin Waller.

Sports Illustrated has released a five-series article.

The first article was released Tuesday and the last will be released on Monday.

Each article has exposed a negative aspect of OSU’s football program.

News OK dot com released an email Waller had sent to OSU athletic director yesterday morning.

“I just kind of thought to myself it would be beneficial for coach Holder to hear what the experience was like from a player that actually played all four years," Waller said. "That contributed on the field, and walked across the stage and got his degree. I think it’s important that coach Holder and the University hear stories like that too.”

The allegations proposed in the articles so far are paying players, academic misconduct and drugs.

Waller said he was never paid or saw anyone get paid, knew players who were ineligible to play because of school work and he was required to take drug tests.

Waller said he did play with some of the sources in the article.

“Those players I did play with and they were there but I’ll say there was a reason they were dismissed,” Waller said.

Today’s article was suppose to be on Sports Illustrated’s website at 8 a.m., but has not been posted yet.

It is titled sex and Waller said this article will be the one that surprises him the most.


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