Former McLoud Teacher Facing Felony Charges After Allegedly Stalking, Grooming 10 Students

KOKH - March 27, 2023 10:23 am

A former McLoud teacher is facing three felony charges for allegedly stalking and grooming at least 10 minors.

According to court documents, the former home economics teacher, Serena Cator allegedly sent nude photos of herself, and asked for some in return from 10 male students, all of them she allegedly stalked, and groomed through social media.

According to the documents, in November, McLoud Public Schools began investigating 43-year-old Serena Cator after a student told her mother that Cator was having sex with students.

“We received the information from the school in November of 2022, so the investigation pretty much started then,” said McLoud Chief of Police, Kyle Webb, “It took a little while it was a pretty in-depth investigation, and then we turned everything over to the DA, and they filed three counts against Serena.”

The documents say they found overwhelming evidence that she was exchanging texts with sexual context with several students ages 14 to 18.

Two of them she said were in a relationship with her daughter.

“I think one thing that people need to understand is it’s not always a male predator and a female victim,” Webb said, “I think sometimes that people look at that differently, maybe they fly under the radar a little bit because they’re not used to it.”

Documents say she groomed the students the same way, messaging them through social media, and eventually inviting them to Snapchat where she would send and ask for nude photos.

Cator admitted to sending the texts, along with inappropriate pictures, and even gave the school a list of students she had been involved with on Snapchat.

The documents show she also became close friends with the mothers of the students she was allegedly stalking, sending them pictures of the boys in class or at sporting events.

According to the affidavit, Cator told school administration that she believes something is wrong with her, that she has mental health issues, and that she drinks way too much.

The affidavit also says she talked about dreams, not knowing if they were real or not, and said she had done some inappropriate things but does not always remember doing them.

Cator was arrested on March 16th and is now out on bail.

McLoud police say the case is now in the hands of the Pottawatomie County District Attorney.

Fox 25 did reach out to McLoud Public Schools on Friday for comment but have not yet heard back.


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