Forestry Service selling tree seedlings

Ponca City Now - February 27, 2015 8:37 am

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Oklahoma Forestry Services is planning to hold its annual sale of tree seedlings in nearly 20 communities across the state next month.

Tree seedlings that have been sold at the state nursery since October will now be taken on the road. Seedlings will be sold directly from a refrigerated truck with forestry staff on hand to help customers.

The seedlings grown at the Oklahoma Forestry Services State Nursery located south of Norman are from local seed sources that are selected because they perform well in the Oklahoma environment.

The available species include Arizona Cypress, baldcypress, roughleaf dogwood, eastern redbud, lacebark elm, Rocky Mountain juniper, common lilac, Shumard Oak, northern red oak, white oak, native pecan, ponderosa pine, scotch pine, Virginia pine, American plum, fragrant sumac, sycamore and black walnut.

For locations of the sale,visit


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