Floor work update

Ponca City Now - March 6, 2020 11:02 am

By Sen. Bill Coleman

We have another deadline this coming week.  All Senate bills that made it out of committee must be voted on by Thursday, March 12, in order to move forward in the legislative process. When we started the week, we had around 400 new bills as well as a list of carry-over bills from last session. We heard nearly 180, leaving at least 200 more to consider this coming week.

Five of my bills (from this year and last) are awaiting consideration in the House.  I have six more bills to get out of the Senate (SBs 1215, 1218, 1294, 1653, 1725 & 1865).

We’ll return to our Senate committees the third week of March to begin work on House bills.  I have 12 House bills that I’m serving as the Senate author on including six from last session.

The Senate amended HB 1349 from last session and the House is considering those amendments.  The bill will allow a retail beer licensee to sell a malt beverage with up to 15% alcohol beverage volume.

HB 2009 went to conference committee last session and that report is awaiting consideration in the House. The bill provides that anyone who has previously been convicted of a nonviolent felony or offense which would require registration under the Sex Offenders Registration Act and who is convicted of a second or subsequent nonviolent felony, may be punished by imprisonment for a term of not more than the maximum sentence plus one-fourth of the maximum sentence that could have been imposed for a first conviction of the current offense.  Currently, these persons are subject to twice the maximum sentence.

Six other bills (HBs 1294, 1916, 2086, 2651, 2811 and 3463) are ready to be heard in Senate committees.  Four others (HB 2800, 3059, 3194 and 3346) still need to be heard in the House.

There was some great legislation passed off the Senate Floor this week. One of particular interest was SB 1739, also known as the “Barbara E. Hoover Act”.  It adds the same protections for families who want to use video monitoring in their loved one’s private room in an assisted living center that is already allowed in nursing homes.  The author had a constituent living in a long-term care facility who was threatened to be evicted unless she removed her room’s video monitoring equipment that her family had installed after numerous troubling incidents occurred.

When an individual or family pays a continuum of care facility to take care of their loved one, they absolutely have the right to ensure that their family member is safe and receiving proper care and attention.

This week, we had several groups visit the Capitol to raise awareness of their professions, religions and passions. We had Muslim Day, GIS Day, League of Women Voters, Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day, Transportation Day, Abate Annual Legislative Day and OK Water Lobby Day.

This week, Leadership Ponca City came to the Capitol, and Rep. Pfeiffer and I were so proud to recognize these great people from our respective chambers. Gov. Stitt and Senate Pro Tem Treat stopped by to visit with them.  They’re celebrating the 34th year of this incredible organization.

We also welcomed guests from Skiatook who were here for the Tulsa Chamber’s One Voice Day.  Several teachers and staff stopped by on Epic Day.

Our office hosted two Doctors of the Day, including Dr. Ted Kaspar of Ponca City on Tuesday and Dr. James Graham of Fairfax on Wednesday.  Dr. Graham has practiced in Fairfax for 41 years, and HBO is including his story in a documentary on Rural Health Care.  They came and filmed at the Capitol.

I was also pleased to have my employees from Team Radio Marketing Group here on Tuesday.  Without them, I could not be at the Capitol representing the people of District 10.

It is such a privilege to serve as your voice in the state Capitol and to bring your ideas and concerns to the legislature. If I can ever be of service, please you can contact me at the state Capitol by calling (405) 521-5581 or by email at [email protected].


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