Federal Lawmakers Update US Standards for Car Headlights

Beverly Cantrell - January 15, 2022 3:08 pm

For the first time in decades, federal lawmakers are updating the U.S. standards for vehicle headlights after reports say that 75% of pedestrian deaths happen at night.

Two years from now, all new cars in the nation will be equipped with adaptive driving beam headlights, which is expected to increase roadway lighting as much as 86%.

“The best ways to improve your visibility at night are to use your high beams and to slow down and realize you might not be able to go the speeds that are posted, maximum speeds,” Leslie Gamble, a AAA Spokesperson said.

Until vehicles are updated with these new headlights, drivers can take precautions like routine check-ups on headlights. AAA says if headlights appear to be yellow or cloudy, it is time to restore and replace the headlights to improve light output.


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