Ch. 6 - December 15, 2023 6:19 am

Oklahoma farmers are now encouraged to apply to a special program to help improve their health of Oklahoma’s soil.

The state is looking for people wanting to change their farming practices from traditional methods to more soil health focused.

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission is heading this initiative and teaming up with local conservation districts.

Through the Soil Health Implementation Program, the agency plans to collect baseline soil heath data across the state to help find solutions.

There will also be a mentorship program during the three year program.

Farmers selected will be given funding to help them with their new practices. They have the potential of earning up to $40,000.

The full program funding is $1 million and is from the state legislature through the Healthy Soil Program Act.

“So, this program is not entering the scene, not having some momentum already realized. And we feel like it’s a great time. The iron is kind of hot. It’s time to kind of strike with this project. We feel like we got a number of producers across this state already that are doing these things and they just want to increase and move the needle further,” said Greg Kloxin, Director of Soil Health Program Oklahoma Conservation Commission.

Local conservation districts will give out application information for interested farmers. The application date is from January 1 through March 1.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this program.


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