Family Saved From Trailer Moments Before Grass Fire Destroys Home

Beverly Cantrell - March 5, 2022 11:17 pm

BLANCHARD, Oklahoma – 

A Blanchard family is left in shock after a large grass fire engulfs their home in flames. They said they’re lucky to be alive, thanks to the help of some neighbors.

“If they hadn’t come across and risked smoke inhalation to come warn us, it’d be a different story you’d be reporting today,” said Amanda Johnson, a resident.

Johnson says it all happened so fast. What began like any other day in a Blanchard community, turned into a life-or-death situation. A fire had sparked up and the flames were rapidly heading towards the back of her home, but luckily, a fellow neighbor saw it just in time.

“I ran across the street, knocked on their door, told them they didn’t even know it was happening,” said Michele Smith.

Johnson was home with her husband and two grandkids and quickly got everyone out.

“I did, unfortunately, get to witness my house burn down from a just a few houses away,” Johnson said.

What Johnson had called home for the last 12 years, was now gone.

“All my memories are there,” Johnson said. “Every possession I owned was in there, I mean we only got out with the clothes on our back.”

As the flames grew, other neighbors quickly tried spraying it down with whatever they had.

“It was pretty scary;” said Kevin Smith, a neighbor. “The flames were as high as the trees over here, so it was bad.”

Firefighters were able to contain the flames before they got to other houses.

Johnson is now living with some relatives for now but says she and her family will rebound from this.

“They’re possessions, they can eventually be replaced, but everyone else is okay,” Johnson said.

Fire crews stayed on the scene making sure no other flames sparked back up. Johnson said her dog was also burnt but is hopeful he’ll make it.

Family Saved From Trailer Moments Before Grass Fire Destroys Home


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