Ch 9 - March 26, 2024 6:00 am

This week, the Federal Aviation Administration could take action against United Airlines after several incidents calling passenger safety into question.

Many Americans have said they have been concerned about air travel lately due to close calls captured on social media and videos that have gone viral.

FAA scrutiny comes after a number of troubling incidents involving United Airlines planes in the past month, including one piece of the outer body that fell off a jet, an engine fire that left a trail of flames on another, and a wheel that plunged to the ground after takeoff.

In a letter sent to employees obtained by CBS News, the airline acknowledged the upcoming action saying:

“We will begin to see more of an FAA presence in our operation as they begin to review some of our work processes, manuals, and facilities.”

However, the big question for many people flying in and out of the airport recently is whether or not passengers are safe.

Robert Sumwalt, a CBS News Aviation Analyst, said the public should not be concerned.

“I don’t think the traveling public needs to be concerned; the regulatory authority is going to make sure that United Airlines is providing the safe service that the traveling public is entitled to,” Sumwalt said.

United Airlines CEO says the company will be taking a closer look at safety measures, calling recent incidents “unfortunate.”


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