News 9 - February 17, 2023 6:37 am

Anjuron Ned


An Enid couple is in custody after police said the husband sexually assaulted a young girl and his wife did not report it.

The tip to authorities came from a local pastor. The child is now safe, and the two adults are in the Garfield County Detention Center.

“It was called in as an agency assist with DHS, who got a report from their hotline that the 12-year-old had been molested that morning,” said John Cunningham, the Detective on the case with the Enid Police Department.

It started when 37-year-old Anjuron Ned sexually assaulted the minor earlier that day on April 6th. He then told his wife what happened.

“She had full knowledge of the incident and told the victim not to say anything,” said the Detective.

Instead of going to police, Sabrina Jatios told him to seek someone out for support. Leading her husband to their church off 10th Street and Maple.

“The suspect had called his Pastor who reported it to his supervisor and then they reported it to the hotline,” he said.

Police knocked on his door later that night. They said at first Ned denied raping the minor.

“Once you have the suspect in a corner, it’s do they want to be painted as a monster or do they want to give their side of the story…you can get them to talk,” said Cunningham.

Ned is facing a first-degree rape charge while his wife faces child abuse charges.

Police said the Pastor made the right call reporting the incident. If you learn of an incident of abuse, contact law enforcement as soon as possible.



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