East Middle School Student Council Sponsors Drive for Humane Society

Mike Seals - March 22, 2021 11:07 pm

East Middle School


by East Middle School Student Council Member Rheagan Bohon


During the school year of 2020-2022, the East Middle School Student Council sponsored a pet supply drive for the Northern Oklahoma Humane Society of Ponca City.

In the fall, Student Council members constructed hand-made pillows to use as beds for the dogs and cats, so that they could be comfortable.

The next step was getting the student body involved in the drive.

East Middle School Principals Denton Long and Keith Crocker helped by having incentives for the students. For example, if the students donated fifty items, then Mr. Crocker would eat a dog biscuit during a Google Meet for the entire student body.

Then Mr. Long became involved by setting an even higher goal.

Students were encouraged to donate at least 150 items. If they did then he would eat wet dog food on a Google Meet for the entire Student Body.

East Student Council Sponsor Susan Schatz reported, “The students surpassed all expectations and donated over 200 items for the Northern Oklahoma Humane Society. Many thanks to the students for being so generous and willing to help the animals at the Northern Oklahoma Humane Society. Also, thanks to Mr. Long and Mr. Crocker for helping encourage the East Middle School student body to donate to such a worthy cause.”

 Pictured Back row L-R: Jackson Hunt, Harrison Poet, Sampson Spain, Aidan Landes, Sophie McIntosh, Denton Long (Principal), Allison Edwards, Keith Crocker (Assistant Principal)

Front row L-R: Camila Bohon, Katelyn Clark, Kaylee Gibson, Brylen Liberton, Brynn Vincent, Paige Liston, Susie Schatz (Student Council Advisor), Carly Archebeck (Northern Oklahoma Humane Society Rep)


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