Drive One for your School to benefit baseball and softball

Ponca City Now - May 1, 2014 7:38 am

It’s called Drive One for your School and it’s supporting the Ponca City High School baseball and softball teams.

Ford started the program four years ago and Bob Banta, Po-Hi sports enthusiast said they have sponsored multiple groups.

“Basically what it is, it’s you come out on Saturday, you’ll fill out a form and what that form is, that’s the $20, for every form we have filled out correctly Ford’s going to give us $20," Banta said. "You’re going to get in a car or truck, you’re going to drive it around the designated route with one of our people, come back. Then after you come back, you’re going to fill out a survey and it’s going to ask you what you thought about the vehicle you drove,” Banta said.

They will try to get 300 test drives in Saturday between 8:30 and 5:30 and there will be no sales pitches during the test drives.

You can test drive a Ford F-150, F-250, Explorer, Escape, Flex, Edge, Fusion or Hybrid C-Max.

Over the years Bowker Ford has raised $60,000 for different groups such as; robotics, basketball and band.

Banta said they can make up to $6,000 in one day.

“ With the budgets these schools have now-a-days, these extra curricular activity groups, they struggle to have enough money to be competitive," Banta said. "That’s my whole thing that I have been beaten my drum on all long, is trying to help these athletics, and different people because if we are going to be competitive we have to have the money to provide the equipment, so we can get bigger and better, stronger and faster and this is one source of doing that. If Ponca City wants to be competitive in our different activities that’s what we got to do. The school evidently can’t do it, so the community we got to help them out.”

There are some rules, you must be 18 and have a valid drivers license.

Also, there can only be one test drive per household.


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