DPS computer system for issuing licenses faces problems

Mike Seals - February 11, 2021 10:32 pm

by: Angela Shen

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Many Oklahomans have been frustrated with long waits to get driver’s license appointments.

Part of the problem concerns the Department of Public Safety’s computer system.

DPS says they started the process for picking the computer system in 2017 when the legislature decided to become real ID compliant.

“We went through the process, how it’s always done, and Idemia came out on top,” Sarah Stewart with DPS said.

The company Idemia was chosen because it scored higher than other companies they were considering.

However, a memo sent from DPS to tag agencies shows numerous slowdowns and outages.

“Anytime you implement a new system, there’s going to be bugs and kinks that have be worked out, obviously,” Stewart said.

The department says they’ve consistently monitoring it to identify problems.

“DPS as well as OMES and our vendor and Microsoft are basically on, I think they’re calling it hyper care right now, it’s around the clock, monitoring this system, 24 hours a day, even on Saturdays when tag agencies are open, trying to identify where slowdowns are happening, if it’s happening at certainly times of the day,  and if it’s happening at certain times of the day, if it’s happening at certain points in the process,” Stewart said.

Mississippi uses the same system. DPS says when they reviewed Mississppi’s system, it was only in the early stages.

On Wednesday, the governor signed an executive order allowing tag agencies to renew commercial driver’s licenses and issue state ID’s as long as the person as a state license on file.

It also allows third parties to administer driving exams.

DPS says they’re going to keep looking for solutions.

“We know they’re frustrated, we’re also frustrated, and we’re working non-stop to find different ways on how to make things better,” Stewart said.


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