Does the Ponca City police department have a warrant for your arrest?

Ponca City Now - January 3, 2014 6:31 am

The Ponca City Police Department’s Sgt. Jerry Hall has released a new municipal court warrant listing.

The majority of these warrants have been issued in the last three months and those listed have local addresses or close ties to Ponca City.

The list begins with those owing the least amount to the Municipal Court.

James Jackson $25; Christi A. Foster $25; Margarette A. Chavez $25; Nichole D. Vantrease $25; Christina L. Jones $39; Joshua A. Horinek $59; Ashley N. Hooper $69; Kayleigh G. Roughface $79; Dennis C. King $89; Pablo M. Rodriguez Jr. $104; Callie C. Larmer $104; Ray K. Kelley III $104; Michael A. Harper $104; Benjamin E. Welch $104; John R. Blair Jr. $104; Rosa M. Logsdon $107; Sarah E. Dale $124.00; Jaylenee Marie Longoria $125; Adrianne L. Williams $129; Kristy G. Hacker $129.00; Robert D. Cooper $134; Titeana D. Lewis $139; Melvina S. Collins $139; Sarina M. Marquez $149; Lacey R. Montano $153.00; April M. Canales $154; Ronnie E. Anson Jr. $154; Tori L. Allie $154; Macias Luis-Gerardo $154; Juan A. Cristobal $154; Lance L. Eagle $154; Josphine M. Leroy $154; George A. Deweese Jr. $156; Joshua T. Brownell $162; Michael D. Carter $174; James L. Lowe $174; Scott Castlebury II $178; Brandon C. Burdick $182; Madylyn N. Truelove $188; Lakota S. Boice $189; Wendy S. Hughes $189; Christopher D. Delmar $189; John D. Cook Jr. $189; Wesley E. Green $201; Tressie D. Pritchard $204; Richard C. Boomershine $206.

Also Braxton S. Rhea $238; Lamont D. Smith $239; Craig E. Jones $239; Gregory A. Brown Jr. $244; Drey G. Aguilar $249 ; Richard D. Hartman $249; Joseph D. Conner $249.51; Roy S. Vaught $253; Candace C. Booth $254; Kalicen R. Frazier $254; April S. Eagle $254; Paula J. Buraczenski $254; Kevin G. Newlin $254; Stephen T. Atkinson $254; Robert J. Bishop $254; Michael A. Preston $254; Jordan C. Elston $259; Hector M. Barrera $274; Dennis R. Lefebure $287; Andrew N. Schwarz $288; Neal A. Smith $304; Keith A. Johnston $336; Chastity Warledo $353; Jonathan Warrior $354; Lacey L. Robbins $354; Jessica A. Reed $354.00; Teresa J. Ogle $354.00; Lawrence E. Reid $355; Leanna M. Blair $359; Kellen Semrad $378; Jastin C. Merriman $378; Elizabeth A. Rendon $405; Vivian Howe $444; Natalie Y. Smith $444; Archie A. Eagle $488; Randall A. Fawcett $450; Eugene D. Phillips $458; Maceo L. Molina $476;

Continuing Joshua M. Vannoy $479; Michael G. Gober $503; Shealyn B. Fleming $503; Kerry L. Sierman $503; Daniel S. Hutson $504; Dalton S. LeClair $504; Maretha K. Brown $519; Jordan N. McCullough $521; Michael E. Norvell $523; Matthew S. Overland $537; Christopher J. Kienzle $539; Tessa D. Wagner $544; Bonnie M. Huff $551; Katrina J. Warrior $551; Chester D. Williams $551; Shelley M. Costello $553; Christa L. Hughes $553; Mikeal J. Murphy $554; Henry J. Tapp $554; Jerry Cottingham $554; Marleana Neville/Brown $554; Tiffany D. Williams $554; John W. Harrison $559; Jacob L. Feathers $559; Shannon R. Warrior $564; Darrell W. Steely $568; Stanley D. Renfrow $573; Andrew B. Warrior $577; Leonard A. LeClair $589; Charles C. Waters $594; Gregory B. Norris $594; Kevin G. Newlin $618; Shannon K. McDaniel $653; Sammy Snake $701; Bobby J. Rhodd $708; Albert W. Zotigh $714; Ryan K. Brown $759; Deshane D. Sweeney $789; Justin L. Snider $793; Samuel E. Brooks $803; Contreras J. Ortiz $804; Sevetlena L. West $811; Donald P. Joergensen III $813.00.

Also Jalisa M. Lee $858; Mark W. Pruett $887; Paul C. Roughface Jr. $879; Ronald J. Youmans $908;

Deborah A. Hooper $908; Roel Gonzalez $963; William O. Vannoy $988; Anthony C. Montgomery $1067;

William R. Long $1092; K.C. Roughface $1103; Jhaun P. Woodham $1121; Bernardo Ceniceroz $1138; Mary J Leach $1153; Amelia A. Rhodd $1192; Leavi Couch Jr. $1195; Dezare M. Fleming $1202; Marcos B. Amador $1,238; Charles A. Bruton $1262; Levi A. Martinez $1265.00; Hollis I. Lieb $1292; Amie J. Sumner $1439; James L. Bullington Jr. $1502; Tianna H. Harvey $1577; Cheyenne M. Delodge $1587; Roxanne N. Hess $1801; Jeremy P. Haley $1991; Derrick A. Yahola $2939; Samuel D. Dodds $5639.44.

If you know the address or work place of a person who has an active warrant listed above, you can call the Ponca City Area Crime Stoppers line at (580)762-5100, or access the Crime Stoppers web submission form.

You will remain anonymous and may receive a reward.

If you find your name on the list, contact Sgt. Jerry Hall at the Ponca City Police Department.

Hall will set a time for you to appear before the Municipal Judge to arrange a payment schedule or to pay your outstanding fines in full.

Sgt. Jerry Hall can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm at (580)763-0579.


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