District Attorney candidate stricken from ballot

Ponca City Now - April 22, 2014 6:18 am

Scott Loftis, a District 8, District Attorney candidate was removed from the 2014 election ballot during a hearing yesterday morning.

Bryan Dean, Oklahoma State Election Board spokesperson said Loftis’s opponent, Brian Hermanson filed the contest of candidacy against him.

“Basically, when candidates file with the Election Board for office their opponents can file a contest if they believe that candidate is not qualified based on the law,” Dean said.

The contest was filed in regards to the law that you must be registered in the party you file under six months prior to the filing date.

Hermanson claimed Loftis changed his party from republican to independent less than six months before he filed.

Loftis was not present at the hearing and Dean said that was why he was taken off the ballot.

"If he had been here they would have heard the case and heard evidence from both sides as to whether or not that was true, that he wasn’t registered," Dean said. "But since he’s not here there is not hearing on that issue, they just go ahead and assume that essentially it’s true.

Hermanson will now run for District Attorney unopposed.

There were six other contest of candidacy hearings yesterday.


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