Department of Wildlife Warns of Snakes in and Around Oklahoma Lakes Ahead Father’s Day

KTUL - June 17, 2023 3:13 pm


Father’s Day Weekend is here as thousands of people have plans to be near the water celebrating.

But according to AZ animals, some lakes in Oklahoma are getting a bad rep because of snakes.

In Oklahoma there are 55 species of snakes, eight species of those snakes are venomous.

And snakes have become a problem at Lake Eufaula.

“If you’re going to be enjoying the lake this weekend. For Father’s Day weekend. Be sure to avoid low overhanging bushes over water. Watch where your stepping”, said Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, Kelly Adams.

And while venomous snake bites on humans are extremely rare, if you’re planning to be out this weekend, especially near the lake, be informed.

“Venomous snakes have a triangular shaped head, and it’s usually wider than their neck. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, you definitely want to call 9-1-1 or seek medical attention immediately”, said Adams.

13-year-old Jaxon Wright says he came across a snake last night at Lake Eufaula.

“I saw about a three-foot-long rat snack. I was out looking for firewood and it was crawling through the leaves and I looked down and see it. Jumped back because it kind of came at me. It couldn’t hurt me it was just a rat snack. Living in Oklahoma you kind of got to know about snakes. Their all over the place”, said Lake Eufaula camper, Jaxon Wright.

Jaxon knew exactly what kind of snake it was as soon as he saw it, but last week in Lake Texoma, he says he saw even more snakes.

“I saw about 8 snakes in the water. Slithering around, swimming. They were all venomous snakes too”, said Wright.

A non-venomous snake will bite and it can be painful, but there won’t be any fluids being injected into your body.

If you are going to go near the lake during Father’s Day weekend, just be very cautious.


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