Democrats say there’s no evidence of credible threats against EPA’s Pruitt

The Associated Press - April 10, 2018 1:00 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Democrats have obtained internal Environmental Protection Agency documents they say show no evidence of specific, credible, physical threats against Administrator Scott Pruitt. That’s despite claims of an “unprecedented” number of death threats to justify his security spending.

Democrats on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said Tuesday they reviewed confidential security assessments describing 16 purported threats. Among them: public protests, criticism of Pruitt’s policies and other activities protected by the First Amendment.

The Democrats say they saw no records describing specific, credible threats against Pruitt or his family, as EPA has claimed. Pruitt’s staff cited death threats to rebut criticism of Pruitt flying in first-class airline seats and a full-time security detail of 20 armed officers.

The Associated Press reported Friday EPA spent $3 million on Pruitt’s security.


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