Democrats Back State Superintendent Against Governor’s School Board

Mike Seals - March 28, 2021 10:28 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Legislative Democrats released a joint statement today after the Oklahoma State School Board spontaneously voted Thursday to move millions of dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools.

“Yesterday, four unelected people, the governor’s handpicked appointees, chose to rewrite Oklahoma’s laws. Against the advice of counsel, they willfully chose to overstep their authority. This clear violation of the constitutional separation of powers should be and will be challenged in the courts.

“It is the responsibility of the duly elected representatives of the Oklahoma Legislature to determine how state funds are applied to schools. The law says how those funds are distributed, not unelected members of the state school board.

“It is abundantly clear why the governor chose to replace former board member, Kurt Bollenbach, with Trent Smith. The governor’s latest handpicked replacement to the board instigated yesterday’s unconstitutional action.

“Once again the governor has shown both his lack of understanding and his complete lack of respect for the rule of law.”

State Rep. Andy Fugate
State Rep. Melissa Provenzano
State Rep. Trish Ranson
State Rep. Jacob Rosecrants
State Rep. John Waldron
State Sen. Mary Boren


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