Dealing With Back-to-School Anxiety

KTUL - August 24, 2023 4:18 pm

While back-to-school time can be exciting, it can also park anxiety for several students.

Anxiety levels can vary by student grade level.

For younger kids, the main fear may be separation anxiety from being away from their parents.

Social anxiety about meeting new students is also a major factor when it comes to anxiety about school.

It is more common for high schoolers to display stress as they search for a balance between hobbies, grades, and college admission.

High schoolers are commonly impacted by social anxiety and academic anxiety.

In order to begin to manage this stress, it is important to start an open line of communication with someone you trust about your fears and anxieties. ideally, you would be able to go to a trusted parent or guardian.

However, there are signs you can look out for if you suspect someone may be struggling with back-to-school mental health issues.

CAO of Grand Mental Health Jeff Harlin says many of these mental challenges display themselves physically.

“You might have seen young kids voicing stomach aches, sleeping difficulties, you might have seen kids that are avoidant of different places or, you know, going to school,” he said. “Maybe not even wanting to return to school. So, you’re going to see a variety of symptoms for kids that might be experiencing anxiety.”

There are simple ways to manage your anxiety.

One of those is deep breathing exercises.

Officials also suggest getting plenty of sleep at night and keeping a regular workout routine to help ease anxiety.

Journaling and/or drawing one’s feelings is also a helpful way for students to ease anxiety.

Oklahoma has a Mental Health Lifeline that anyone can call, 988.

This helpline is available 24/7 and can be accessed via text or call.

988 immediately connects the caller to a mental health professional who is there to talk about any issues anyone may be facing, even if they are not urgent mental health crises.

There is a team of people waiting to provide support for struggling kids. It is important to make students aware of these resources.


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