Crickets Invade Oklahoma

Ponca City Now - September 5, 2013 10:26 am

With Summer comes sunshine, heat and bugs, and this summer we are seeing a lot of crickets in Oklahoma.

Brad Parker, Parker Pest Control CEO said the weather is to blame for the amount of crickets.

Crickets aren’t cyclic like cicadas, Parker said they were bad last summer too.

“Sometimes you get outbreaks of a population of these things,” Parker said. “When you you have prolonged periods of dry weather in the spring, early summer followed by rain like in July and August. And that’s what we had.”

We haven’t had rain for 17 days and doesn’t look like we will be getting any for another week, which will cause crickets to reproduce.

Parker said spraying is not the best option.

“At night if you have outdoor lighting, if you can turn that off,” Parker said. “Like front porch light or back door lights. In the house make sure your drapes are closed, so the light doesn’t emit outside that may help by 30 to 50 percent.”

Parker said they began receiving calls concerning crickets about two weeks ago.

And yesterday alone they received 21 calls about them.


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