Covid-19 Update for Ponca City Public Schools

Beverly Cantrell - September 7, 2021 12:59 pm

Ponca City Public School-Press Release

PCPS experienced many in-school positives last week, and Monday, 8.31.21,
was the highest day on record with 28 positives. Comparatively, last week
we experienced more in-school positive cases than we did at our highest week
last year, the week of 1.18.2021.
We MUST mitigate these staggering numbers and KEEP kids in school as
safely as possible to accommodate their academic and social and emotional
needs. With the Delta variant being much more communicable, masking is a
top priority. Research suggests if both the positive case and the close
contacts are masked, the spread can be reduced up to 70%-80%. Please do the research and consider vaccination for all individuals ages 12 and older so we have the best chance of keeping everyone healthy, protecting those too young to receive the vaccine, and staying in school. Most importantly, if your child is symptomatic, do not send them to school, and take them for COVID-19 testing. If they have tested for COVID, do not send them to school until negative results are returned. PCPS will provide Distance Learning to your child while symptomatic, awaiting test results, if they test positive, or if they are a close contact.
On Monday, 8.30.2021, there were a lot of weekend positives, and we did transition several elementary classrooms to Distance Learning. The PreK Center will remain on Distance Learning through Monday, September 13. (The 13th is a
previously scheduled professional development day for staff.) The building will be thoroughly sanitized and ready to go on
Tuesday, September 14th. Staff affected by COVID will be returning throughout the week this week. Overall, we are seeing a minimal amount of staff affected, and we will not transition a site to DL if we can provide effective supervision.
Many students are returning to school on Tuesday, September 7, but we CANNOT let down our guard so we can keep our kids in school. Please see the chart to the right to determine the % still affected on Tuesday, 9.07.32.
By Federal Order, masks are required on public transportation modes, including school buses and school vehicles if more than (1) person is in the vehicle.
The District will continue to maintain the PCPS Contact Tracing Totals Spreadsheet on the homepage of our website at Please stay up-to-date on trends by viewing the PCPS Contact Tracing Totals.

Covid-19 numbers by school site-

Site:       Students:
PO-HI – 9.18% – 118
EMS – 7.99% – 29
WMS -5.85% – 43
WCA – 0%
GF- 14.74% – 13
LB- 0.42% – 1
LN – 3.58% – 12
RO – 4.73% – 13
TR – 0%
UN – 0.77% – 2
WAPK- 2.39% – 6
WO – 18.71% – 58




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