Constitutional Carry laws take effect Friday

Ponca City Now - October 31, 2019 4:05 pm

Ponca City Police Chief Don Bohon reminds residents that beginning Friday, Nov. 1, the Constitutional Carry of firearms takes effect in Oklahoma.

“I think it’s important that the public is aware of what these new laws mean, and how they will affect the response of law enforcement. The laws can be found in Oklahoma Statutes – Title 21 Chapter 53. House Bill 2597 brought about a legal right for citizens to carry a loaded pistol, rifle, or shotgun – concealed or unconcealed without a permit,” Bohon said.

“For this legal right to apply, citizens must be at least 21 years of age, or 18-21 if they are a current, or honorably discharged veteran member of the United States Armed Services, Reserves, or National Guard, and they not legally precluded from possessing or purchasing a firearm for any other reason.”

Bohon said the law allows those citizens who are legally eligible to carry a firearm as described above, in public places including parking lots, sidewalks, and parks, among others.

“It is still illegal for anyone to carry pursuant to this law in a public building, school, school sporting event, sports arenas during professional sports, and places where gambling is conducted,” Bohon said. “Business owners, property owners, tenants, employers, and places of worship open to the public have the right to prohibit carry on the  property they own or lease by properly posting signs on the property.”

If you call the police because you see a person carrying a firearm, the dispatcher will ask some basic questions to determine if the person carrying is involved in any behavior or conduct that warrants a contact from law enforcement, or to determine if they may be carrying in a prohibited location. Law enforcement officers will not make a non-consensual contact with someone solely on the basis that the person is carrying a firearm.

Bohon said he encourages citizens to read this law and be familiar with it.

Oklahoma Title 21 Chapter 53

HB 2597



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