Community-wide Book Reading

Ponca City Now - November 4, 2013 9:02 am

When a whole district reads a book it creates a lot of buzz.

Ponca City elementary schools will be asking parents to read E.B White’s, The Trumpet Of The Swan with their children.

Assemblies will begin at the schools this week to introduce this initiative to families.

Teri Vogele, associate curriculum director said this program is designed to spark excitement about reading.

“Everything we do in school rather it is math, social studies, science is all tied to reading, so reading is important," Vogele said. "Students build stamina and fluency for reading by reading daily, and when they do not get that exposure to reading daily their stamina and their fluency is not built."

The books will be sent home with a tailored reading schedule.

And teachers will have discussions during class about the at-home readings.

The book can be understood by younger students, but still captivate older students.


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