Commission Minutes published for May 10th Regular Session

Mike Seals - May 11, 2021 11:16 pm


The Ponca City Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 10, 2021.  Mayor Nicholson called the meeting to order, which was followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Ceremonies and Proclamations

The character trait for the month of May, Availability, was introduced and an Emergency Medical Services Week proclamation was presented.

Consent Agenda

Under the Consent Agenda, the City Commission approved the minutes of the budget hearings held on April 19 and April 20, 2021 and the regular session held on April 26, 2021; a resolution appointing members to various boards and commissions, a resolution designating certain City employees as purchasing officers with authority to make purchases against City and municipal trust appropriations; an authorization of the Mayor to execute the contract document to United Safety and Claims, Inc. for an annual contract for fiscal year 2021-22; an addendum to the video services agreement with AT&T for the payment of fees for use of public rights of way associated with its U-Verse products; and the purchase of real property at 1600 W. Hubbard Road.

City Manager’s Report

Under the City Manager’s Report, City Manager Craig Stephenson reported that over 150 participated in the 2021 5K Color Blast Fun Run and that the splash pads are now open.  He also reported that there are many ways to get out enjoy the outdoors by registering at for various sports camps as well as the youth fishing clinic, art camp, chess camp, dog obedience class, and kayak lessons. He also noted that a Commission work session will be held on May 17, 2021.

Public Hearings

A public hearing was conducted on the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2021-22.  The public hearing meets the official State requirement for a public hearing and is held to give any person a chance to present to the governing body with any comments, recommendations, or protest on any part of the proposed budget. No comments were received during the public hearing. Finance Director John Gonsalves reported that the Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget process is in the fifth month of preparing and is nearing completion.  Most recently, the Commission met in open meetings on April 19 and April 20 with every department to discuss operations and the proposed budget. The proposed budget was summarized in the format required by State law, and published in the Ponca City News on Saturday, May 1, 2021. There have been several open meetings where the budget was discussed, and the City Commissioners receives public input throughout the year. The City Manager is slated to present the proposed $113,418,457 budget to the City Commission for approval on May 24, 2021.

New Business

Under new business, the City Commission approved the subrecipient agreement between the City of Ponca City and the New Emergency Resource Agency for the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response Program in the amount of $612,680, as well as a resolution authorizing the expenditure of CDBGCR20 Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response Funds for the Ponca City Rent/Mortgage Assistance Program; Ponca City Utility Assistance Program; and Ponca City Food Bank Program, and authorized the Finance Director for the City of Ponca City to make any and all related payments as outlined in the program guidelines.

The City Commission also approved a contract with Meshek and Associates for the update of the Ponca City Hazard Mitigation Plan in the amount of $120,000.  FEMA has agreed to reimburse $90,000 of this $120,000 project and the remaining $30,000 will be funded through Stormwater fund.  The Robert T Stafford Disaster Relief Act and the Disaster Mitigation Act establishes requirements for local communities to develop and adopt a local hazard mitigation plan, in order to be eligible for FEMA Hazard Mitigation Funding. These plans must be updated every five years to maintain eligibility. Ponca City has maintained an approved hazard mitigation plan since 2006, and has received nearly 2 million dollars in federal funding for various mitigation projects.  In addition to meeting FEMA’s requirements for a hazard mitigation plan, this plan serves as a core component to the City’s participation in the National Flood Insurance Program’s CRS (Community Rating System). As such, it needs substantial revisions and additions to continue to meet the CRS’s evolving goals.

In a 4-1 vote, the City Commission voted to permanently revoke the taxicab licenses of Roy Kennedy, currently D/B/A BMK Taxi. Commissioner Chapman voted against the motion. City Attorney John Andrew presented that over a period of several months, an investigation by the City Attorney’s office, with assistance of the City Clerk’s office and the Ponca City Police Department, determined that BMK Taxi, owned by Roy Kennedy, has been operating without proper commercial insurance.  It was discovered that in 2020, when Mr. Kennedy presented insurance cards to obtain his licenses for that year, that the cards presented were altered to show “commercial” on them. It was confirmed with the insurance carrier that Mr. Kennedy never held a commercial policy with that carrier.  When Mr. Kennedy then presented the City with new “commercial” insurance policy cards, an inquiry by Police Chief Don Bohon to the new insurance carrier determined that this policy had been cancelled.  The citizens of Ponca City rely on the City to license taxicabs to operate within certain standards to protect their safety.  Based upon the City’s interactions with Mr. Kennedy and by his own actions, the investigation has determined that he should have his licenses revoked.  This can only be done by majority vote of the Commission. Mr. Kennedy objected to the City Attorney’s presentation and having his taxicab licenses revoked. He stated that he has had commercial insurance for the last five months and has a Department of Transportation number.  He also noted that he has provided over 543 free rides, as well as rides for seniors to Oklahoma City, rides to the Indian reservation, and rides for recovering addicts.


Consent Agenda

Under the PCUA (Ponca City Utility Authority) consent agenda, the PCUA Trustees approved the minutes of the PCUA regular session held on April 26, 2021; a resolution appropriating money for the payment of claims against the PCUA; a resolution of the PCUA amending the operating budget of various PCUA funds for fiscal year 2020-21; and Change Order No. 1 and No. 2 to the construction contract with Nowak Construction for the North 6th Street Water Main Replacement Project in the total add amount of $50,469. The purpose of the North 6th Street water main replacement project is to replace 2,051 feet of 14” and 16” failing water main along North 6th Street from Harford Avenue going south to Brookfield Avenue.   This section of water main has suffered several breaks over the past several months and needs to be replaced to improve its structural integrity and ensure high quality customer service.  Change Order No. 1, in the add amount of $39,968, lowered the new 16-inch water line’s depth to accommodate a future school development north of Brookfield Avenue.  Change Order No. 2, in the add amount of $10,500, added a service line tie-in at Detroit Avenue, as well as hydrant extensions to resolve a conflict with an existing gas line.

New Business

Under the PCUA new business, the PCUA Trustees approved a construction contract with Utility Contractors Inc. for the Bois D’Arc Lift Station wet well rehabilitation and valves replacement project in the amount of $884,000.  Five contractors attended the pre-bid meeting and visited the project site. Two contractors submitted bids. The Bois D’Arc Lift Station is a major wastewater pumping station that serves the west and northwest part of Ponca City. This 20 ft W x 20 ft L x 25 D wet well, constructed in 1995, is used to receive and hold the incoming wastewater stream until it is pumped out. The concrete surface inside the wet well is currently in unsatisfactory condition due to sewer gas induced concrete corrosion. The rehabilitation of the wet well includes major repairs and coating of the concrete wall and floor, replacement of three16-inch check valves and three 16-inch gate valves, replacement of approximately 75 feet of steel piping, modification of vent pipe, and installation of an inlet downburst blower. Due to the significance of this infrastructure, bypass pumping must be carried out during the construction phase, and this task alone resulted in a cost of $227,000.


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